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Green tall sculpture next to path
Photograph: Supplied

A hopeful new sculpture has sprung up on the Bondi coastal walk

The 10m green shoot installation was created by artist Milan Kuzica

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

Although Sculpture by the Sea has been called off this year, a bright green 10 metre tall sculpture has sprung up on the well-travelled Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk, on the end of the South Bondi headland in Marks Park. 

Situated at a vantage point out over the ocean, the sculpture titled 'Green Life' symbolises birth, renewal and newness. “For all the calmness of the sculpture that represents the first shoots of a new plant, there is an urgency. In a world plagued by a viral pandemic we are reminded that our future is possible only if we live our lives in harmony with nature," said artist Milan Kuzica in a press release. 

“I was inspired by John Lennon's song ‘Imagine’, his almost utopian notion of a harmonious world. Today, the threats of Lennon's time have largely changed, and new ones have arrived, today we live with a dangerous invisible enemy. This fight against the global viral pandemic knows no borders or continents. We share this world together and the responsibility lies with each of us. This is a great test of our humanity. If we are successful, a life re-born, a ‘green life’ awaits us.”

It's certainly something to ponder on when you spot this hopeful beacon on your next beachside stroll. Bondi's annual Sculpture by the Sea, which sees a two-kilometre coastal stretch filled with sculptures and installations, is set to return in 2021. 

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