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Doors against blue wall
Photograph: Supplied/Quizzic Alley

A new 'Harry Potter' store stocked with wizarding supplies is opening in Sydney soon

Get your oak wands, chocolate frogs, potions ingredients and more

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

We'd all like a little more magic in our lives. Come December 4, you can indulge your nostalgia for the halls of Hogwarts and the adrenaline of Quidditch (and, of course, the adventures of Hermione Granger and the two friends she's constantly getting out of trouble) by visiting a bewitching new arrival to Sydney: the Quizzic Alley store, opening up shop inside an old Bank of New South Wales building on Victoria Road in Drummoyne. 

Quizzic Alley is run by gold-medal-winning Paralympic skiier Michael Milton, known affectionately in wizarding circles as Nearly Legless Mick, and already has an outlet in Canberra's Fyshwick. But now, you can stay in NSW while browsing the shelves of the wizarding supplies store, stocked with unusual magical objects like Time Turner-inspired necklaces, feather quills, wooden broomsticks, life-like replica wands (some with a glowing tip à la the 'Lumos' spell), chocolate frogs, flowing House robes, and even an animatronic Sorting Hat. While the Canberra shop has a baby blue Ford Anglia that you can sit in and serves butterscotch-flavoured non-alcoholic beers, we're promised that the Sydney store will let curious visitors in on a whole new experience.  In the meantime, we'll be brushing up on our Apparition skills so we can turn up on the threshold as soon as the doors open.

Find Quizzic Alley at 191 Victoria Road, Drummoyne.

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