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A spooky Game of Thrones graveyard has appeared in Centennial Park
Written by
Olivia Gee

After Ned lost his head at the end of the first season of Game of Thrones (following no less than 25 souls to the grave throughout the seven kingdoms) it was cemented that this alternate reality medieval fantasy was pretty morbid. There have been countless deadly departures since, and to commemorate the loss of both beloved and despised GoT characters, you can now visit their graves in Sydney. 

This ghoulish pop-up display in Centennial Park features 34 mock grave stones, statues, monuments and mausoleums honouring dearly departed Game of Thrones characters. You can mourn by the humble monument to Hodor (taken too soon), pay your respects at the Stark family tomb, spit on Ramsay Bolton’s grave or give Joffrey’s appropriately evil headstone a piece of your mind.

Photograph: Supplied

The ominous installation that they’re calling ‘Grave of Thrones’ (good one, guys) has been erected by Foxtel to mark the coming of the eighth and final season of the series, which hits screens globally on April 15. If you’d like to make the pilgrimage to the site before then, it’s open for public viewing and sobbing from 7am-6pm today until Sunday, April 14. You can download a map of the site to help you navigate around any triggering graves.

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