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Penguin biscuit
Photograph: Supplied/McVitie's Biscuits

Britain's answer to the Tim Tam, the Penguin, is now available in Australia

Let the battle of the biccies commence!

Maxim Boon

It’s no secret that there are an awful lot of Brits Down Under (myself included), and for the most part, we’re happy to embrace the Aussie equivalents of our favourite flavours from back in Blighty. No Marmite? Vegemite will do. Can’t find Jammy Dodgers? Arnott’s Raspberry Shortbread is almost the same thing.

But deep down in our pommy hearts, we know that there’s no taste like home. So, it’s cause for celebration that the UK’s equivalent to the Tim Tam, the Penguin, is available from Aussie retailers as of today, July 22. Rule Britannia! A six-pack of the biscuits will be available exclusively at Coles for just $2.80.

Now, of course, Tim Tams are bloody great. But Penguins were created more than 30 years before the first Tim Tam, so they can easily claim to be the OG, if not the MVP on Australian shores. It’s taken five decades for the plucky choccie biccy to make the trip to the land of Aus, but now it’s here, it’s not just British palates it will be hoping to charm. While it’s practically treason to diss the noble Tim Tam, Aussies should at least try a Penguin (or ten) to put the question of which is the superior snack to rest. (Spoiler alert: it’s the Penguin. Fight me.)

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