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Photograph: Christopher Corneschi / Wikimedia Commons

Coles and Woolworths have reinstated product limits across Australia

Virus case incidences are increasing in Victoria


It was only recently that we as a nation were reflecting on our past wrongs, and swearing never to repeat them: pasta hoarding, toilet paper-related brawls, incessant baking, and so on. The redemption narrative didn't last long, though – it seems that as soon as cases begin to rise in one part of the country, we're back on our old shit.

On Wednesday, Coles and Woolworths announced a reinstatement of product limits across Victoria, as virus cases started to increase and the state rolled back some of its eased restrictions. Now, the ABC reports that product limits have been introduced nationwide in Coles, with customers only being able to buy limited amounts of products like flour, sugar, toilet paper, mince and paper towels. Toilet paper will be limited to two packs per customer at Woolworths, and just one pack at Coles. These restrictions have been introduced as a preventative measure, to ensure that severe stock shortages don't impact local communities like they did earlier in the year.

The resurgence in panic buying outside of Victoria, where cases haven't increased nearly as rapidly as within the state, prompts many questions. Chief among them are: didn't we, as a country, learn anything? And: does everyone have giant vats of bolognese stewing in their garages? 

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