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Ocean at Bondi Beach
Photograph: Anna Kucera

Do you still hate Bondi as much as you did last year?
Written by
Emma Joyce

Last year, we surveyed 15,000 people around the world, asking them big questions about the city they live in. In Sydney, 33 per cent of you said that Bondi, Bondi Beach or Bondi Junction were the most overrated neighbourhoods in the city. One respondent called it “aesthetically lame, culturally numb”. Ouch.

Do you feel the same about the 2026 postcode today? We’re keen to know what you think about living in Sydney – from the suburbs you rate the ones you hate (and why).

In 2018, you said Newtown was the best suburb in our city. Is that still true? Have other ’burbs overtaken our beloved King Street for its creativity, vibrancy and nightlife? Where are you having the best time ever in Sydney right now? We want to know.

Today, we’ve launched the Time Out Index 2019 – so you can tell us all about your life in Sydney. The survey is fun, anonymous, and it takes about ten minutes.

When you complete the Time Out Index you’ll find out your soul city: the place you absolutely have to visit. So if you feel the Emerald City has lost its sparkle for you… maybe there’s somewhere else in the world that’s a better fit. Or, if you feel passionately about improving where you live, we’d like to hear that too. Tell us in the comments. 

Start the Time Out Index survey now. We’ll reveal the results in the coming weeks.

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