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Fireball Whisky Firebox
Photograph: Fireball/Supplied

Fireball is now selling a 3.5-litre “firebox” goon bag of whisky

Get ready to feel the heat this summer

Rebecca Russo

We’re all familiar with Fireball Whisky, the cinnamon-flavoured party starter. Well, you’re about to become even more intimately familiar with the classic whisky brand.

This festive season Fireball has released a 3.5-litre firebox cask, which is essentially two 1.75-litre Fireball goon bags. If we break the numbers down, that’s over 100 30-millilitre shots (with two taps to dispense). Good lord. 

These limited-edition boxes are available online through Booze Bud and in select alcohol retailers. It’ll set you back $224.99. 

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