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Cannoli on doughnuts
Photograph: Supplied/Co-Lab pantry

Get boxes of Nutella and cinnamon doughnut cannoli delivered to your doorstep

A Melbourne dessert cart is shipping these beauties all around the country

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

Melbourne boutique desserterie Cannoleria is now delivering to Sydney (and all around the country) thanks to a new collaboration with gourmet grocer, Co-Lab Pantry

Cannoli is traditionally from the southern island of Sicily of the coast of Italy. It's made by rolling out a sweet pastry dough, shaping it into a hollow cylindrical shell and frying it. The shell is then stuffed with a ricotta or custard filling, often mixed through with other yummy ingredients like candied nuts. 

Not only can you now order cannoli and crostoli to be shipped interstate, the Melbourne outfit is also letting you attempt to make cannoli yourself – maybe only so you realise how hard it is and appreciate their mastery tenfold. In this limited edition DIY kit, ready-made shells come ready to be stuffed with a cinnamon-doughnut-infused ricotta filling, piped with Nutella and garnished with doughnut crumble. 

Are you ready for the sweet, crisp-shelled morsels to land at your doorstep?  The DIY kits are available here in six large or twelve small shells ($26 per kit).

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