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Guide Dogs NSW needs your help raising 40 puppies

Written by
Juliana Yu

These days the media always seems to be going on about a boom of some sort: housing booms, commodities booms, the Bitcoin boom. Well we’re here to tell you about the only boom that matters right now – a bona fide guide dog PUPPY BOOM.

Guide Dogs NSW have around 40 little woofers that need to be placed just after Christmas in a loving home for their first year. While this is surely the cutest contribution to society you can sign up for, it’s a big responsibility as well – in addition all the cuddles and fetch, you’ll be introducing them to the sights, sounds and smells they’ll encounter as a guide dog, taking them to puppy pre-school and helping to train and socialise them.

The association will provide all food, vet care and plenty of guidance to puppy raisers over the year, and are looking for people who will be home most of the time (only away for less than four hours at a time), have a fully-fenced yard and access to a car.

Despite all the work that goes into raising a guide dog puppy, the hardest part is surely saying goodbye to these floofy angels at the end of the year – but knowing that they’ll grow up to become invaluable support for a blind or vision impaired person is something you can always feel good about.

If you’re interested in becoming a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs NSW, you can apply here.

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