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Here's how you can get super cheap tickets to Sydney Festival shows

Ben Neutze

Festival season is great for your enriching your cultural life, but it's probably not going to do the same for your finances. There's a lot to see, and while there's plenty that's at an accessible price point, the bigger shows might be a bit of a stretch for your budget.

Sydney Festival's Tix for Next to Nix program has returned this year, offering $26 tickets (plus $5 booking fee) to most shows in the festival, purchased on the morning of the performance. Altogether, there are 34 shows on offer, from high profile theatre like the sold out Black Ties, to this year's big spiegeltent extravaganza (Life: The Show) and edgy small-scale shows like Triple Threat.

But this year you won't have to wait in line at a box office to grab those tickets. Instead, they're being sold through ticketing app TodayTix, each day from 9am to noon. There's a limit of two tickets per person, and they're being offered on a first-come, first-served basis. So don't expect to log on at 10.30am and still find tickets available for a sold-out show.

All you have to do is download the TodayTix app and unlock access by sharing a link to your Twitter or Facebook (although you can be sneaky and click the 'unlock without sharing' button). Then be online, ready to order your tickets at 9am, the day of your desired performance.

Not sure what to see? Check out our picks of the best shows at this year's Sydney Festival.

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