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IKEA is giving you the chance to have a sleepover in one of their stores

Written by
Ben Neutze

Who hasn't been halfway through an epic IKEA journey, spotted an affordable and luxuriously-appointed bed, and thought "I could go for a nap right now"? Now you can enter a competition to spend the night at IKEA and get a relaxing night's sleep – assuming the idea of sleeping inside a massive furniture store doesn't give you the creeps.

The Swedish furniture giant is offering a competition for a "once-in-a-lifetime overnight experience" that's all about getting the perfect night's sleep. And you'll be treated like Swedish royalty (yes, they've still got a monarchy) with a tailored "sleep zone" which takes into account your "sleep style" with your choice of linen, pillows and "sensory elements" (whatever that means). You'll also experience a range of pre-sleep activities, including a massage, and be served an IKEA breakfast in bed. Just make sure you don't get any of that Swedish meatball sauce on the bedsheets.

To enter the competition, you'll have to visit the IKEA in Tempe or in Rhodes on February 23 or 24 and tell them in 25 words or fewer why you deserve a good night's sleep at IKEA.

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