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Tree with cocktails hanging off it
Photograph: Supplied/Cocktai Porter

Jazz up your Christmas tree with these boozy, cocktail-filled ornaments

The Cocktail Porter is delivering festive cheer to your door with these quirky tree-hangers

Divya Venkataraman

Move over, glitter-crusted ball baubles and ceramic reindeer: our Christmas tree decorations are getting a grown-up makeover this year. If ever there was a year in which we needed tiny, potent bottles of booze to be instantly accessible, this is the one.

The folk over at Cocktail Porter have created a selection of brand-new, boozy tree ornaments you can hang off your tree, each holding 1.5 standard drinks worth of a festive cocktail. The 'Rudolf's Negroni', tinged the hue of our favourite reindeer's nose, is made of sweet vermouth, Italian bitters, Tanqueray London dry gin and the bitter tang of blood orange, while the 'Santa's Old Fashioned' comes with Bulleit Bourbon, honey, sea salt and orange oils. The 'Elf-flower Gimlet' has elderflower, Ketel One Vodka, fortified wine and lime, and for a no-nonsense option, the 'Gin-gle Bells Martini' is straight-up Tanqueray London dry gin and French Vermouth. One small hitch – you might not just be able to pluck your bauble from the tree and sip, as they're better served cold. Though you do you. It's 2020, after all.

The baubles come in either a four-piece set (you'll get one of each cocktail for $99) or a five-piece set with one of each plus two of a particular variety (for $109). Nab yours online

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