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Limits on the number of people at weddings and funerals in NSW to be relaxed

Places of worship will also be allowed to restart religious services from June 1

Written by
Maxim Boon

On May 28 –the same day that major changes to the rules around the operation of hospitality venues across the state were released – the Berejiklian government announced that it would be relaxing the limits on the number of attendees at weddings, funerals and religious services.

From Monday, June 1, up to 20 guests will be able to attend a wedding ceremony (inclusive of the happy couple). However, wedding receptions will still need to abide by rules governing hospitality venues, which will limit the number of people under a single booking to just ten according to the latest guidelines. A maximum of 50 mourners will be allowed to attend funerals and other religious services at a designated place of worship will also resume, but with a maximum of 50 congregants. 

Elsewhere in the world, places of worship have proven to be hotspots for infection clusters, most notably in South Korea where a single contagious member of a church congregation was linked to at least 40 infections. At the beginning of the crisis in Sydney, one of the first identified clusters was linked to a wedding reception in Waverley. 

As with every announcement from the NSW government about changes coming into effect on June 1, caution was urged and a plea made for the public to continue observing physical distancing and enhanced hygiene. “We know how important these services are to individuals and families but as we ease restrictions further we must remember to keep one another safe,” premier Berejiklian said.

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