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Never Never Distilling Co releases the world's first grenache gin

They're calling this red wine infused drop 'Ginache'

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

You've tried shiraz gin, but there's a new red wine infused tipple in town. South Australian gin makers, Never Never Distilling Co have come out with a treat for when you're just not sure whether it's a red wine kind of evening, or if it's better to get stuck straight into the gin. 

This 'Ginache' is a single-estate creation, combining triple juniper gin with grenache wine, made using grapes picked from Chalk Hill’s Slate Creek vineyard, in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia – an area well-known for its light reds. And you don't have to do much to enjoy it, either – it's best served in a gin and tonic, or poured over ice with an orange peel – the gin's spice and bright citrus mingles wonderfully with the bright, fruity flavours of the grenache, without needing anything extra. But don't worry if the taste changes over time – that's normal for gins that use grapes to flavour their base. Plus, when combined with a clear mixer, the grenache gin transforms from a deep, rich burgundy, to a luminous, watermelon pink – so you'll be sipping pretty.  

Given the limited amount of bottles the Never Never team has decided to create – less than 2,500 – it looks like this fruity, boozy concoction will sell out pretty quickly. Get yours online from May 18.   

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