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New on-demand Sydney buses will ferry you directly to the new Sydney Metro

Olivia Gee
Written by
Olivia Gee

While it seems like a utopian, futuristic inner-city fantasy, on-demand public transport does already exist in Sydney. Using an app, website or the old-fashioned ringer, you can call on shared buses to collect you from your home or a nearby spot and drop you at transport hubs or central locations in the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, the Northern Beaches and beyond. It’s basically a beefed up Uber Pool.

Since May, tens of thousands of commuters have started using the new Sydney Metro line, which connects Tallawong to Chatswood and on to the CBD, and these north-west Sydney folk need to get to the station, quick-smart. So, Transport for NSW has teamed up with Cooee Busways to make it happen through an on-demand bus service.

How does it work? Travellers simply hail a shuttle bus using the Cooee Busways app, and a vehicle picks them up and drops them off within a short walking distance of their chosen location, alongside other riders taking similar routes. A journey that’s less than three kilometres will cost adults $2.20 (paid via the app) and it’ll be $3.66 for a longer trip.

The new on-demand service will connect residents in the Ponds, Schofields and Kellyville Ridge regions to relevant areas for Sydney Metro and other rail services.

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