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Bowl of noodle soup, spring rolls, bowl with shallots and lemon
Photograph: Supplied/Roll'd

Roll'd is delivering make-at-home Vietnamese noodle soup boxes

Choose from four kinds of fresh soups to slurp from home

Divya Venkataraman

The good folk at Roll'd have come out with a solution for when you're in the depths of a cooking rut: fresh, pre-prepared noodle soup meal boxes to feed the whole household.

Choose from mi thom thit, a dish originating from the south of Vietnam, using sliced pork, prawns and egg noodles; bún bò huế, a spicy beef noodle soup flavoured with lemongrass, fermented shrimp paste and chili oil; or banh canh, a thick tapioca noodle-filled dish with tofu, fish balls and crab meat; and a classic been pho. Otherwise, you can pick your own protein. Whichever your choice, one meal box feeds four. It's great for a family – or just for you and your housemate, with leftovers for your tomorrow's piping hot WFH lunch. 

Just pick your noodle soup, order for a particular delivery date, and unpack your fresh, pre-chopped, washed and marinated ingredients when they arrive. In terms of cooking, these meal boxes won't ask much of you – just a little pan-frying and assemblage. For the full instructions, scan the QR code provided – you'll be taken to an accessible portal where you can choose from a range of tutorials and instructions in a variety of different languages. 

Order your meal box at Roll'd from September 7. 

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