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Roman-inspired restaurant Marta transforms into a bakery on weekends

Flaky pastry and just-baked bread, anyone?

Divya Venkataraman

If you've kept your head while all your social media acquaintances fall, one by one, into the tempting pit of sourdough-making madness, firstly – how? Secondly, you deserve a reward for maintaining a level-headed approach to life in difficult times, so we've got just the place for you to pick up a delicious loaf – made by someone who actually does it for a living.

At Marta, a Roman-inspired restaurant in Rushcutter's Bay, Flavio Carnevale and his team have adapted to the times by opening up a bakery on weekends to bring you five (!) different varieties of bread, focaccias, pizzettas, flaky pastries and a cart full of housemade gelato. There's a sourdough loaf, a denser, organic potato-and-semolina loaf, as well as mini pizzas, Roman focaccias and paninis on offer. The gelato cart has a selection of flavours, as well as tartufo: scoops of hazelnut and chocolate gelato fashioned into a dome and slathered in more chocolate. Drool. 

While you're there, get your mitts on some sfogliatelle, a traditional flaky, crunchy pastry from Rome stuffed with whatever your heart desires. Marta's fills them with prosciutto and house-made ricotta, as a well as a variety of sweet offerings. 

If you're not ready for this kind of decadence until later in the day, that's fair enough –  and you're in luck, because the restaurant’s menu is available for takeaway and delivery, for lunch and dinner. Our hot tip? The mozzarella in carrozza: housemade bread stuffed with thick mozzarella, battered and deep-fried ($6). You deserve it. 

Stop by Marta from 9am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, or order online from Marta's website for takeaway or delivery. And if you think of anything better use of a Saturday morning than venturing out with the promise of a freshly baked loaf and a warm, flaky pastry – let us know. 

Still insist on making your own bread? At least get a hold of this starter – all proceeds go towards charity. 

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