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Spend With Them: the Instagram campaign to help local businesses affected by Covid-19

Divya Venkataraman

Instagram has long been a useful tool to champion locally-focused makers and creative movers and shakers. Now, an account is spotlighting local businesses directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, focusing directly on those who take orders online or over the phone. No need to leave your couch for this one.

Earlier this year, all-round Australian superhero Turia Pitt threw her sizeable Instagram following behind supporting local small businesses in fire-ravaged communities. Along with her friend, Grace McBride, she started up an account called Spend With Them, whose main objective was to shine a light onto local outfits that needed a boost. Now, she's repurposing her extremely popular initiative to also focus on businesses which have seen the devastating impacts of Covid-19 in their day-to-day operations.

Check out the page to see where you can get oysters delivered to your door, grab a batch of bush honey, or even get an online skin consultation. Wondering if it'd be too much to do all of them at once? Go on, treat yourself. 

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As she explained via Instagram, Pitt will be highlighting local businesses which have pivoted their offerings online, or which are offering delivery to your door services. Spend With Them will still be promoting bushfire-affected communities – for many of them, this is the second disaster in a few short months – but it will expand its reach to also include those feeling the impacts of coronavirus, be that through having to shutter physical doors, operating with less staff, or moving to exclusively operating online. 

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