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Spice up your liquor cabinet with this new Aussie hot sauce-infused vodka

Move over Shiraz gin – there's a spicier combination in town

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

If only drinking too many Bloody Marys led us all to business epiphanies, instead of, you know, just a mild midday hangover. Luckily for Perth-based businesswoman, Renae Bunster, her overindulgence in spicy daytime cocktails led her to expand her brand of hot sauce into a spirit that's been missing from all of our drinks cabinets: a spicy, hot-sauce infused 'Shit the Bed' vodka. 

The flavours and tangy kick of Bunsters' 'Shit the Bed' hot sauce, which has enjoyed time as the highest selling hot sauce on Amazon in the US, have now found their way into a small-batch craft vodka – and yes, it's "eye-wateringly hot". Designed to make a delightfully easy Bloody Mary – just splash some with tomato juice, and add a stalk of celery for the aesthetic – this vodka is the spicy spirit of your day-drinking dreams. If you're feeling really game, you can also knock it back without accoutrements – just don't blame us if it lives up to its name. 

Pre-order yours online here for $70, with delivery expected in September-October 2020. 

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