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Sydney Aquarium lets dogs in to see the fish, and our hearts are exploding

Aquarium staff brought their four legged friends to work.
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium is closed to the public at the moment, but yesterday it opened its doors to a rather different kind of visitor the kind with four paws and wet noses.

Staff brought their dogs to visit the aquarium to look at the fish and maybe learn a little marine biology.

Dukdik and Gecko at Sydney Aquarium
Photograph: Supplied

Keeper Emma Malik brought her two rescue dogs, Labrador-German shepherd mix Dukdik and chihuahua Gecko Estaban Malik Fiesta (pictured above, it should be obvious which is which), in to see what she does all day. Malik, Dukdik and Gecko were all due to perform at the Sydney Comedy Festival, but they'll have to entertain the fish for the time being.

Dukdik at Sydney Aquarium
Photograph: Supplied

Dukdik even got to help prepare the lettuce for Pig, the aquarium's rescue dugong. Pig eats up to 80kg of cos lettuce every single day, which is how he got his name.

Gecko's first birthday is next week, and he loved the aquarium so much that Malik is planning a surprise birthday party for him there.

Ned at Sydney Aquarium
Photograph: Supplied

Ned, a golden retriever-Labrador mix, was also very impressed by the aquarium's stingrays. Good boys. 

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