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Sydney's Botanic Gardens now has free high-speed Wi-Fi

Written by
William Dunn

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens has launched a brand new free, high-speed Wi-Fi network. Forty smart-nodes have been ‘planted’ across 63 acres of the Gardens, meaning you’ll no longer have to climb a tree to fetch a strong Wi-Fi signal. The nodes help to boost 4G mobile connectivity and are set up to support the 5G upgrades. It means the park is now a legitimate place to staying connected with the office during your lunch hour, while you take a wee nap under a shady tree.

As well as providing Wi-Fi, each node also offers a range of additional services for visitors to the Botanic Gardens, including electric vehicle charge points and general use power points (because what’s the use of free internet if your phone is dead?)

And if that wasn’t enough, they've launched a new multilingual garden app available in English and Mandarin. The app features an augmented reality experience, which gives visitors additional information and insights into their natural surroundings, as well as history of the gardens, alerts about events and where to find the nearest cafés.

Most exciting of all, the app will soon include a plant database, meaning you’ll be able to identify the flora growing in the Gardens.

Heading to the gardens early? Why not add some of these activities to your morning routine.

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