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Pepe Saya Rye Butterscotch Miso Cookie
Photograph: Supplied/Pepe Saya

Sydney's bougiest butter, Pepe Saya, has released a bake-at-home cookie dough collab

The butterscotch miso rye cookies are a step up from your typical shop-bought options

Maxim Boon
Written by
Maxim Boon

The grand doyenne of diary, Sydney’s very own butter baron Pepe Saya, is once again teaming up for a baked goods collaboration, and this time, you get to be head chef. We’ve previously seen breakfast crumpet packs through a partnership with Caringbah-based bakery Merna, a ready-to-use puff pastry in partnership with Sonoma, and a wickedly umami-fied butter fusion in concert with the boutique Byron-base yeast spread company Oomite. 

However, this latest duet takes a sweeter tack, via a minor diversion from Pepe’s usual NSW stomping grounds to the ACT-based Three Mills Bakery. The result is a bake-at-home log of cookie dough finished with a rich and complex riff on salted caramel: miso butterscotch. Each log of rye-flour-based dough will produce six to eight cookies, which take less than ten minutes to bake. The butterscotch sauce can be piped any which way you desire, although a little goes a long way.

If that’s inspired you to up the ante of your lockdown baking ambitions, you can also now get a Pepe Saya baker’s pack including all manner of udderly delicious dairy ingredients such as buttermilk, ghee, salted and unsalted butter and crème fraîche.

The ever-innovative Pepe Saya rarely rests on its laurels, but the cultured butter masters also know when they’re onto a good thing, which is why they’ve also just released a new edition of its popular Merna Crumpets breakfast packs, this time starring a passionfruit or lemon curd. 

The Pepe Saya and Three Mills butterscotch miso rye cookies, the baker’s pack and the latest Merna brekkie crumpets pack are all available for delivery across Australia.

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