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Two giraffes at Taronga Zoo
Photograph: Supplied

Taronga TV is back, with heaps of livestreamed animal antics

The online platform from Sydney's oldest zoo is back in action for lockdown

Maxim Boon
Written by
Maxim Boon

When tourist attractions initially began closing in 2020, zoos and animal parks all over the world, including in Melbourne and Sydney, turned to livestreaming to share their animal antics online, a gambit that has proven to be wildly successful. Taronga Zoo upped the ante with the launch of Taronga TV, a digital platform streaming animal enclosures, behind-the-scenes 'sneak peeks’ and after-hours footage revealing what the keepers and the animals they care for get up to when the park is closed to the public.

Taronga TV is back for Sydney's latest lockdown, so you can keep the kids occupied with educational video talks featuring the likes of yellow bellied gliders and squirrel monkey babies, or chuck on live feeds from the elephant enclosure, the lion's den or the tiger's lair to lighten up your work-from-home days. 

Alongside this streaming content, there is also an archive of online resources for teachers and parents who may be homeschooling their kids (or looking for school holidays distractions), featuring fun yet educational materials about exotic wildlife, local fauna and the natural world.

Taronga TV also releases new video content daily on its Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, as well as via Viewers can also learn how to support the zoo and its ongoing conservation efforts, which have been in overdrive since the widespread devastation of the 2019-20 bushfire disaster.

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