The Spice Girls say they're coming to Australia in February

Written by
Ben Neutze

Stop. Right. Now.

This is the announcement we've been waiting on for months and it looks like we're finally getting the chance to spice up our lives. At the end of the final show of the Spice Girls' reunion tour in the UK, Mel B casually slipped out: "We'll see you in February in Australia!"

We've been hearing whispers for a while now that the Spice Girls were planning on bringing their latest live show to our shores (Australian journalists were apparently flown to England to interview the Spice Women) but this is the best confirmation we've got – straight from Scary's mouth. It comes after they announced and then cancelled a Sydney date on their 2007-2008 reunion tour, The Return of the Spice Girls.

It's pretty safe to assume they're bringing us the show that's been touring the UK. And what can you expect? It's a massive stadium show and wall-to-wall hits. Basically every song you spent your childhood perfecting choreography and harmonies for – it's on the setlist.

The one hitch is that the Posh Spices among us will need to find a new allegiance; Victoria Beckham has opted out of the tour, saying she's busy with other commitments.

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