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The world's fastest zip line rollercoaster is coming to Sydney

People ride on treetop zip line.
Photograph: Supplied Existing zip line at TreeTop Adventure Park.

If your idea of a good time is to fling yourself into the abyss, to go hurtling through a forest canopy at ungodly speeds for the ultimate thrill ride, then Western Sydney’s TreeTop Adventure Park is your go-to destination for fun.

The eco-friendly treetop obstacle course has added a brand-spanking-new zip line rollercoaster ride to its collection of flying foxes, monkey bars and trapezes, and they reckon the Crazy Rider Express is the fastest of its kind in the world. From next month, brave riders can harness up and take the plunge down 500 metres of suspended treetop track, complete with 360-degree loops, at around 50 km an hour.

By our calculations, that gives you roughly 36 seconds of rollercoaster ecstasy (or terror, if you're a sane ground-dweller). The zip line architects at TreeTop have also crunched the numbers, and purport that your acceleration on the ride will clock in at approximately 2.3g-force. That’s not far from what astronauts experience as they’re rocketed into space. Madness.

You can start goading your scaredy-cat friends to join you on the ride from November 5, perhaps warming up your (completely justified) height conscious pals with a day at one of the five TreeTop Adventure Parks around NSW.

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