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Hutt Lagoon, near Port Gregory
Photograph: Supplied/Tourism AustraliaAerial view of Hutt Lagoon, near Port Gregory.

These immersive, colour-coded videos are the perfect Australian getaway inspiration

Let the sound and images work in harmony on your at-home getaway

Divya Venkataraman

Whether you're looking to be temporarily spirited away from the realities of your WFH life or you're already jotting down notes for your next vacation, it might be time to pop on some headphones and let yourself drift off in the harmony of images and aural textures created in Tourism Australia's latest video series. 

The innovative 'mini-escape' videos focus on diverse aspects of our country's stunning natural landscape, allowing you to span from east to west of the country, taking in rugged mountains, desert plains and white coastal cliffs. The 8D sound engineering allows you to fully immerse in the landscapes, not just visually, but by tricking your brain into thinking that the sound is naturally emanating from different locations in a three-dimensional space, although you'll need to be wearing headphones to get the full effect.

The videos are coded according to colour – red, magenta, blue, green, black, white – which lets you experience a different mood, depending on what you feel like evoking. Looking for a little light lunch break viewing? Settle in to the white-themed video for a minimalist moment of calm, or choose the magenta for inspiring a sense of freedom in the romantics among us. 

You can watch the videos online at Tourism Australia

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