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Plant Life Balance
Photograph: Supplied/Plant Life Balance

This app lets you see what your home looks like full of plants (before you buy them)

Get an instant health and wellbeing rating of your space and styling tips


As plenty of fanatic house plant collectors can attest, surrounding yourself with greenery helps you feel healthier and happier. With most of us spending more time between four walls lately, bringing some outdoors to the indoors could well be the effective mood booster you're in need of.

An Australian app called Plant Life Balance is here to help. Thanks to its “virtual greening technology”, you can use the app to take a photo of a space and get an instant health and wellbeing rating. You can then use the app's augmented reality function to virtually style your space with leafy delights, so you can see what an improvement an influx of fronds could make to your pad. You'll also find top tips on what plants thrive best in the lighting conditions of your home, so you don't fork out on spenny saplings that don't stand a chance on your windowsill.

The app has nursery finder map functionality to help you find an accredited nursery near you for plant purchases and green deliveries to enrich your living space. 

Plant Life Balance is a campaign designed to get Australians excited and confident about styling their homes and lives with plants, while sharing the message about the health and wellbeing benefits of surrounding yourself with greenery. Did you know that adding just one medium-sized plant to a medium-sized room improves air quality up to 25 per cent? And introducing five or more plants leads to people feeling healthier and happier. 

You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play and get greening, in style.

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