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A person poses in a bubblegum pink and mint hand knitted jumper against a pastel pink brick wall.
Photograph: Supplied/ Alexandrena Parker

This beginner's knitting kit will have you wearing your own homemade jumper in no time

And you get everything you need sent to you in a cute box

Written by
Claire Finneran

Few smug Instagram posts are greater than pics of a whole thing you have made yourself. I'm not talking about shots of your dinner (what is this? Lockdown one?). I'm talking more in the "here's an elegantly-whittled wooden children's toy I have done in the wee hours with a rustic blade" league. I'm talking specifically about this whole sartorially-relevant-ass jumper I just finished knitting from Cardigang. 

Cardigang is the brainchild of two Melburnian women, Cat and Morgan, who were on the hunt for something to occupy them during the dark winter of Melbourne's first lockdown. They turned their beginner knitting skills into winner skills with the help of YouTube and sought to demystify complicated patterns to a new generation. And demystify they did. Cardigang sends out everything you need to make a range of ultra-colourful, ridiculously fun-looking jumpers with easy-to-understand instructions. 

Three fabulous looking people wearing bright, hand-knitted jumpers.Photograph: Supplied/Cardigang

If, like me, you learned the absolute bare minimum of knitting from your granny, you'll be delighted by these Knit Kits. The Cardigang instruction booklet is made of hardy cardboard and has very accessibly-phrased instructions for every step of the way. They've thrown out the Wingdings-like symbols of your classic knitting book and have a series of simple bubbles for you to track your progress. And, if you're starting to feel overwhelmed at any point, there's a QR code on your booklet that takes you to some very calm and informative how-to videos the Cardigang gang have made for your particular pattern.

I tackled the Alex jumper, a mixed stitch dreamboat that they estimate should take you 12-14 hours to complete. I grinded the needles at a glacial pace in front of the telly, at odd times thinking I would surely be skimming the 20-hour mark, but managed to get her all done in about two weeks (knitting for around an hour per day). And, as discussed, I felt smug AF once she was done. Better yet, I felt confident. Powerful. Gorgeous. Like I had unlocked an ancient matriarchal blood magick I didn't know I had within me. 

If you're feeling a little antsy and don't know what to do with your hands or brain this lockdown, I can totally recommend forking out for a Cardigang Knit Kit. They have a range of stunning styles and an on-point palette of yarn colours to choose from. You'll receive all the balls of top-quality Merino wool you need for your pattern, knitting needles, instructions, a cute tote to keep it all in, and some celebratory confetti and lollies for encouragement (an adorable touch that was not lost on me). Kits range from $220-$235 for jumpers and cardis, and $60 for scarves and beanies. If you were dragged in here by the hot pic and really cannot be bothered to knit you're in luck, they also sell completed knits for you to wear straightaway too.

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