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This churro shop is selling '90s-inspired Nerds and fairy bread snack boxes

The throwback menu also includes a snack box featuring the humble chocolate crackle.

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

Oh, the '90s. It was a good time to be alive, all things considered. Hair accessories were fluorescent, girl bands were at their peak, and masks were exclusively for Halloween and masquerade parties. Now, Chocolateria San Churro wants to take you back to those good old days with the launch of a 'throwback edition' menu featuring all your childhood favourites: buttery fairy bread, tangy Nerds and crunchy chocolate crackles that'll take you back to the soccer field on a Saturday morning. 

The toughest part will be choosing your flavour of churro box: you'll get six made-to-order mini churros either way, but will you opt for the box sprinkled with pink and purple Nerds – strawberry and grape if you want to be fancy about it – or will you go all out with the chocolate crackle snack pack? Or will you spurn them all for the delicate fairy-bread-and-white-choc combo? Either way, your warm, sugary churro-fest will take you straight back to the glory days – like that time you mastered the triple backflip on your neighbour's trampoline and everyone was actually watching.

While you're there, try out some nostalgia-infused hot chocolate, in all of the same fairy bread, chocolate crackle and Nerds flavours, to go with your snack pack. The best past for these cash-strapped times? Each Thursday, they'll rewind the prices on their menu like it's a VCR: instead of the usual $17 you'll get your churro snack pack for $11 until the end of May. Grab your pack once you decide on a flavour between 4 - 8pm for takeaway or delivery online. Otherwise, you can order ahead for delivery from major delivery service providers.

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