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DIY terrarium kit from Little Succers
Photograph: Little Succers

This succulent and cacti delivery service will send DIY terrarium kits to your door

Later in the year, there will also be IRL events in Sydney

Maxim Boon

Some people are just born green-thumbed; they know exactly how to make their flora thrive. Then, there are those among us who are less successful when it comes to taking care of leafy chums. If you’re a disaster-prone plant lover, a Sydney-based delivery service might just have a solution for you. Little Succers specialises in the hardiest of house plants, delivering succulents and cacti across Australia. Their company motto says it all: “Because flowers die.”

The Little Succers team has done everything in its power to make sure your purchase doesn’t meet the same fate. Plants are delivered potted in specially formulated soil designed for minimal maintenance and the Little Succers website also offers simple care tips that anyone can easily follow, ensuring that your succulents remain extremely hard to kill.

As many of us work from home, making our living spaces as pleasant as possible has become more important than ever. And what’s true for humans is also true for succulents, it seems. So, why not tick both boxes by ordering one of Little Succers’ DIY terrarium kits? In addition to your plants, you’ll receive your choice of container, which range from beautiful glass bowls to classy glazed cubes, as well as soil, sand, charcoal, and your choice of decorative flourishes, including coloured pebbles and tiny garden ornaments. You'll not only end up with a personalised indoor garden to brighten your pad, but also a swish new home for your little green friends.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can look forward to showing off your new-found passion for potting later in the year, when Little Succers reopen their pop-up Build Your Own Terrarium Bar in September. Under the watchful eye of Little Succers’ skilled team, this hands-on class lets you take your terrarium game to the next level, with all new potting materials, a wide variety of different plants and a range of vessels and containers to choose from.

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