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Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy at this $25 movie marathon

Olivia Gee

Yes, it may have been quicker if Frodo and Sam had just flown to Mordor on the back of those giant eagles and tossed the one ring to rule them all into the smouldering abyss, but where’s the adventure in that story? If you’re a fan of the nitty-gritty, magical details, revisit the fellowship, the towers and king at this Lord of the Rings movie marathon.

The full trilogy will be screening in one bold sitting at Palace Chauvel Cinema on Sunday, September 8. That’s around nine hours and 18 minutes of hobbits, dwarves, elves and unbreakable friendship in Middle Earth. 

You’ll get a 20-minute breather in between each film, and the whole shebang will only set you back $25. The sit-in starts at 10am, so naturally, you’ll have had second breakfast already, but you’ll want to bring elevenses and a few slices of lembas bread for snacks.

Tolkien fans will be out in droves, so you’ll want to book in advance for tickets to the Chauvel screening in Paddington.

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