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Western Australia to open its borders to NSW on December 8

Travellers from NSW will no longer need to quarantine on arrival into WA

Nicola Dowse
Written by
Nicola Dowse

If you've been dreaming of a summer holiday way out west, we have good news. Western Australia will open its borders to NSW (and Victoria) on Tuesday, December 8, meaning travellers from these states will no longer need to quarantine on arrival. The opening ends eight months of WA's border restrictions, beginning with the first lockdown in April. 

When interstate travellers arrive in WA's airports, they will be required to have a health screening and might be required to take a test, depending on health authorities' advice. WA's decision to permit residents of NSW and Victoria to head to the state largely marks the return of free interstate travel around Australia – only South Australians are unable to enter WA currently. Keep in mind you also can't travel through SA to reach WA, so unless you're wanting to go on a really, really long road trip, we suggest booking a flight.

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