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Photograph: Cassandra HannaganImage: Mitchell Moore

You can buy a covetable bottle of Big Mac sauce from tomorrow

Claire Finneran

For decades people have been trying to replicate the tangy gold that is McDonald's Big Mac sauce. In fact, there are entire online communities devoted to sharing recipes for the stuff. Something about that particular (and secret) combination of mayo, mustard, onion, and pickles has captivated the frenzied imaginations of burger fans around the world. Well, you can put your mixing bowls away mates, Maccas is releasing a limited edition run of Big Mac sauce available for sale from 10.30am Wed Jun 6.

Releasing 100,000 bottles of the ambrosial condiment into Maccas stores nationwide, you can be the proud owner of a bottle of Big Mac sauce to use as you see fit. Whack a blob of it on Jatz? Why not. Smear heaps on your sad work lunch ham sandwich? Most definitely. The sauce could be all yours for $12, but get in quick as last time Maccas released their signature sauce people went bonkers and bottles of it still show up on eBay for close to $150.

The release is part of McDonald's ongoing celebrations for the Big Mac's 50th anniversary. And proceeds from sauce sales go to Ronald McDonald House Charities, and that's nice isn't it? Set your alarm Big Mac fiends – the covetable sauce goes on sale tomorrow morning.

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