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Plate of cannoli
Photograph: Supplied/Cannoli Rush

You can buy an entire Christmas wreath made out of cannoli this year

How better to celebrate the merriest time of year than with a ring of piped pastry?

Divya Venkataraman

Sleigh bells are ringing, carollers are warming their voices up, and it's almost time to worry about what to get your grandpa for Christmas this time around. While we can't exactly help you on the latter, we can make sure you've got a delectable treat to top your Christmas table with this year: a wreath made entirely out of crisp-shelled, ricotta-piped cannoli. 

Brothers Matt and Jordan Marchetta have been around the Italian sweets business for a long time. With some of their family members boasting 35-year histories as Italian pastry chefs, mostly operating cake stores in Western Sydney, it was only natural they wanted to find a way to share that expertise with a bigger base. In February of 2020, the brothers set up Cannoli Rush, an online cannoli service, delivering sweet pastry shells wrapped around a creamy filling all around Sydney.


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Cannoli is traditionally from the southern island of Sicily in Italy, and is made by rolling out a sweet pastry dough, shaping it into a hollow cylindrical shell and frying it. The shell is then stuffed with a ricotta or custard filling. You can get individual and large-sized cannolo in flavours like hazelnut, limoncello, pistachio, lavender, Bounty and more. But for a real showstopper, the new cannoli Christmas wreath is your go-to.

The classic version of the wreath is made from a combination of vanilla, chocolate and ricotta cannoli. However, if you're ordering in advance and planning on serving it on Christmas day, you might want to opt for the cookies and cream version, which won't go soft overnight in the fridge (it stays crisp for up to three days). However, delivery is available up to and including Christmas day – so you've got options. prices range from $64 to $139 depending on how many people you're looking to indulge. 

Delivery all around the Sydney metropolitan area is a flat rate of $9.90. Check out all the available cannoli options and flavours here

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