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You can drink booze out of a chocolate egg this Easter

Olivia Gee

While it ain’t got nothing on the globally renowned Insta-egg that trumped Kylie Jenner with 26 million likes on one ’gram post, this Easter egg cocktail is something glorious to behold. It’s the love child of chocolate and sugar-infused alcohol, and its due date is April 18, where it’ll be served up at the Coogee Bay Hotel for the Easter long weekend.

The tooth-aching concoction is probably a relative of the Creme Egg, with its rich swirls of cream, milk and vanilla vodka blending happily with choccy sauce and créme de cacao liqueur, plus a surprising zingy kick of raspberry thanks to Chambord. They pour it into an Easter egg instead of a cocktail glass and voila, you’ve got yourself a party.

This seasonal sugar injection is only available from April 18-22, and if you hit up Coogee Bay Hotel for an egg or two, you’ll also find live music and more edible Easter specials during their long weekend celebrations.

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