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You can help raise guide dog puppies in the new year

Guide dog puppies sit in a box.
Photograph: Adam Yip

Dogs are truly a gift to humanity: they’re our best mates, exercise buds, our farm hands, and our care providers. While we love 'em giant and fluffy, roly-poly or dashingly sleek, the most honourable good boys are our country’s assistance dogs. When the new year rolls around, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT needs your help to raise their freshest brood of puppies into well-behaved, quick-as-a-whip guide dogs.

Around 40 puppies will need to be placed into loving homes in Sydney after the festive season. They’ll join your family when they’re eight weeks old, and bring you joy until they reach 14 months, before they become an invaluable part of someone’s life who is vision impaired or blind.

During this time, carers will be responsible for grooming, house training and exercising their pups, and will need a car to ferry the fluffball to vet checks, information sessions and training days. You’ll also need a fully fenced backyard (sorry, apartment dwellers) and won’t be able to leave the little one alone for more than four hours at a time.

It’s a big responsibility, but has the huge reward of getting to love and raise a super smart doggo and help meet the increasing demand for guide dogs in Australia. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT will be there to answer questions along the way and cover the costs of all dog food, veterinary care, and flea and tick prevention.

To become a guide dog puppy raiser today, ensure your lifestyle and home are suitable then apply online.

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