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You can now check how packed Sydney trains are before boarding

Olivia Gee

Just like how we use digital signals in car parks to see how full each level is, people waiting for a train in Sydney can now check how many seats are available before it even pulls up to the platform. The indicator screens, which show service times, will now have the numbered carriages of Waratah trains – the newest class of Sydney trains – with green, yellow or red markings to show if there is a decent amount of seats left (green, obviously) or if it’s down to standing room (red).

Rather than counting heads to make the calculation, these snazzy new trains have weight sensors that update every time the train doors close, for a rough approximation of the number of humans on board. This public transport marvel will hopefully help Sydneysiders avoid those sardine commuter situations by spreading the mass of bodies along the length of the chugger, or encouraging travellers to wait for a later train.

Check here to see if your line for the peak-hour commute is getting the upgrade.

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