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You can now get up close and personal with a capybara at Taronga Zoo

Written by
Maxim Boon

In a city where it’s not uncommon to cross paths with some pretty sizable rats, schlepping across the Harbour and paying for the pleasure of being face to face with a giant rodent might not sound like much of an offer. But trust us, these undeniably cute critters are worth it.

From this Saturday, September 28, Taronga Zoo will be introducing some new South American residents to Sydney, with the unveiling of its new capybara exhibit. As well as being on general display, there will also be sessions throughout the day to allow visitors to enter the enclosure and have a close encounter with these curious creatures.

The semiaquatic mammals are the largest species of rodent in the world, most closely related to the guinea pig. Their webbed feet and hydro-dynamic fur make them excellent swimmers, but they’re no slouch on land either, capable of reaching speeds of up to 35km/hr.

The new habitat at Taronga Zoo mirrors the densely forested regions of South America where capybaras can be found in the wild. Visitors can expect grassy clearings and mud pits where the capybaras can wallow, as well as a large water feature for swimming.

Full details of the new capybara exhibit and open enclosure times can be found on the Taronga Zoo website.

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