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You can still play two-up at home this weekend

Nothing can stop this ANZAC Day tradition.

Alannah Maher

While ANZAC Day is going to look rather different this year, it seems that there is no stopping that annual tradition of playing a good old fashioned game of two-up.

After you’ve watched the livestreamed ANZAC Day service from Hyde Park, you can continue the age-old activities by sinking a schooner over an online game of two-up.

You've got a couple of options for how to play this Australian coin-flipping gambling game. You can play a just for fun, free version over at, created by a bloke called Ben McCarthy when he realised that a great Australian tradition could be in danger this year. 

Or, you can play a round of “2up 2.0” at to buy some virtual coins and place your bets. All proceeds from this site will be donated to Wounded Warriors, so you can donate some dosh to our diggers while you observe this time-honored tradition. This one is the iso-brainchild of Sydney creative David Jones-Hawke, it even includes prizes from Rocks Brewing Co and a leaderboard to keep track of the bragging rights. 

True to tradition (and the law) both of these digital two-up versions will only be available to play this Saturday on ANZAC Day (it is actually illegal to play this unregulated form of gambling on any other day of the year). Fair dinkum. The calls of “come in, spinner!” will still be heard this year. 

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