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You can support gig photographers who have lost work due to COVID-19

Alannah Le Cross
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Alannah Le Cross

The precautions being undertaken to stem the impact of COVID-19 have already started taking a sizeable hit to many sectors, not least of all the arts, events and music industries. The cancellation of festivals like Download and the regional Groovin’ the Moo has been upsetting for live music fans and the bands they love, but there’s many other creatives who are also being put out of work.

The I Lost My Gig Australia website says that as of today, March 18, $150 million in lost income has been reported by small to medium businesses and independent contractors working in the creative industries. In a media release issued yesterday, it stated that the music industry is in crisis, estimating that 65,000 job opportunities have been lost and over 380,000 people have been impacted. These are numbers that are only likely to rise as social distancing and isolation measures continue to escalate.

Freelance photographer, Jared Leibowitz, is one of the workers who has been left out of pocket. He has lost work with the festivals mentioned above, as well as a mix of gigs, artist photoshoots and commercial work. 

“While it's super important to be supportive of the artists that perform at these festivals and that entertain millions of people around the world by buying their merch and streaming their music, we need to ensure we also support the unsung heroes that work tirelessly behind the scenes to put it all together,” says Jared. “From the booking agents, to sound engineers, to photographers, to session musicians, to the venue managers, there are entire teams of people who are all out of work for the foreseeable future.”

One way you can support photographers and media creatives to make ways to recoup their losses is by diverting some of that money you’re not currently sinking into schooners at gigs and cans at festivals into purchasing prints that celebrate your favourite bands and festivals. 

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@michaelabaranov brought so much energy to the stage while performing with @pekingduk at @firefightaustralia! 💃🏼

A post shared by Jared Leibowitz (@jaredleibowitz) on

With Jared’s help, we’ve compiled a list of amazing photographers from Sydney and Melbourne for you to support. If there isn’t info about how to purchase prints on their Instagram pages, we encourage you to reach out to them directly. If a favourite photographer or a creative who catches your eye isn’t on this list, contact them, buy something, show our creative industries that we care. 

If you are a creative who has been put out of work you can register on ilostmygig. If you need help with the mental load you can call Support Act on 1300 731 303, Australia’s only charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers. 

Jared Leibowitz, Sydney
Instagram: @jaredleibowitz
Jared’s stacked portfolio includes shots from the massive Fire Fight Australia concert.

Billy Zammit, Sydney
Instagram: @billyzammit
Billy’s shots include major acts from Laneway Festival like Cub Sport and Ruel.

Jordan Munns, Sydney
Instagram: @jordankmunns
Jordan’s photos include stunning shots of Sam Smith, Kesha and Dua Lipa from the Mardi Gras After Party. 

Jess Gleeson, Sydney
Instagram: @jessgleeson
Jess’ photography includes the artwork for indie songstress Montaigne’s Eurovision entry.

Jessy Holtfreter, Melbourne 
Instagram: @jessyholtfreter
Film shots from the underground music scene. 

Ian Laidlaw, Melbourne
Instagram: @ian.laidlaw
Iian has some striking black and white shots of Aussie rockers like Violent Soho, Courtney Barnett and Nick Cave.

Georgia Moloney, Sydney
Instagram: @moloneygeorgia
Georgia’s work features bands like The 1975 and Tyler, The Creator at this year’s Field Day as well some local burlesque exuberance. 

Charlie Hardy, Sydney
Instagram: @charliehardy
Stunning portraits of local post-punk bands and live shots of Laneway headliners like Billie Eilish? Charlie’s got them. 

Jay Wennington, Melbourne
Instagram: @jaywennington
A self described “photographer of brands, bands, brides, bits and/or bobs.” 

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