You can take a kayak tour and help clean up Sydney Harbour at the same time

These rubbish-collecting tours help keep the harbour clean and thriving

Nick Dent
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Nick Dent
Associate Publisher, Time Out Australia
Sydney by Kayak Clean-Up Kayak Tour
Photograph: Supplied/Sydney by Kayak

Maybe you’re on the lookout for some unforgettable, fun, Covid-safe things to do outdoors during this weird-as-heck summer. Well, what about something that might actually do our struggling environment some good rather than harm? 

Sydney by Kayak offers Sydney’s first Clean Up Kayak Tour. The tour takes you around the Lavender Bay foreshore armed with a paddle, a sieve, a bucket and a litter picker stick. Your mission? To help Sydney by Kayak pull 200kg of rubbish out of Sydney Harbour by the end of February.  

Two experienced guide/instructors lead up to 12 paddlers at a time. Get your photo taken with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as a backdrop as you enjoy some exercise and fresh air. On the way, find and collect pieces of rubbish that would otherwise mar your enjoyment of the waterway. 

At the end of the tour the group’s trash tally is weighed, and members of the group that collects the most by summer’s end will win a $50 gift certificate for another kayak tour plus an eco-friendly, glass drinking bottle. And the single person who collects the most rubbish will get a Sunrise Kayak and Coffee for two people.

Clean-up Kayak Tours cost $50, with $15 from the cost going directly towards the purchase of a ‘Seabin’ for Lavender Bay (Seabins are submersible devices that can capture 1.5 tonnes of rubbish per year). You can book into one of the tours leaving daily at 9.30am or noon, or book a private tour for your group of eight to 12.  

This is a 100 percent outdoors experience and everything is cleaned between tours with a marine-safe disinfectant. Sound like your kind of thing? Book on the website.

Get wet with Sydney's best beaches.

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