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You can watch dingoes, koalas and even a king cobra on this zoo's livestream

Cassidy Knowlton
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

Zoos across the world are really stepping up their online game, as visitors stay home. Sydney zoo Australian Reptile Park is adding its list of cuddly, cute and sometimes downright terrifying animals to the digital menagerie you can now view at home. And not only are there feeding time livestreams, there are also educational animal talks to teach bored kids (and adults) some fascinating animal facts. 

This week's lineup looks like this:

Monday, March 30
10am: Tawny frogmouths: They are not owls
2pm: Feeding Hugo the giant tortoise

Tuesday, March 31
10am: Tasmanian devils: Conservation
2pm: Koala feeding time

Wednesday, April 1
10am: The lifecycle of a frog
2pm: Feeding time for Elvis the saltwater crocodile

Thursday, April 2
10am: Rainbow lorikeets
2pm: Dingo play time

Friday: April 3
10am: Echidnas: Mad about monotremes
2pm: The lost world of reptiles

Need more animals in your home? Melbourne Aquarium is also livestreaming its residents for you to visit without getting wet. 

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