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You can watch Incredibles 2 with cocktails at these adults-only screenings

Written by
Claire Finneran

The excitement for Incredibles 2 has been palpable. Fans have waited for fourteen years to see the beloved family of superheroes on screen once more. And in those fourteen long years a lot has changed, it's a darker time, we are more visibly crushed by our capitalist overlords, but most notably we've all gotten older. If you were 14 when The Incredibles came out the first time, for example, you're now 28 and most likely frothing to see Pixar's update. But what to do about cinemas overflowing with equally excited children who, bless them, often shriek and commentate utter nonsense throughout the film? How can you adequately satiate your 14-year thirst for more Incredibles while also quenching your thirst for cocktails? Event Cinema's statewide No Capes, No Kids screenings is how!

Acknowledging the film's passionate adult fan base, Event Cinemas are putting on a series of child-free, booze-laden screenings of Incredibles 2 this weekend. Each cinema is a little different with their packages, but the basic premise is that you can leave your Jack-Jacks at home, because mum and dad want to watch, what is ostensibly a movie for children. without children present. Frankly, it's a fab idea. The Event cinema in Campbelltown is even boasting a DJ and cocktails at their No Capes, No Kids screening.

So, fire up that group chat and tell your fellow 28 year olds, the No Capes, No Kids screenings are from Fri Jun 15 at Bondi Junction, George St, Campbelltown, Hurstville, and heaps of other NSW locations (check the full list here).

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