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You could set the agenda for Sydney’s future
Written by
Olivia Gee

If you’ve got a bone to pick with the hot shots who make decisions in Sydney, or if you’re full of passion about grassroots community activism, you’ll want to check the mail very carefully this month. In August, the City of Sydney is sending out 15,000 invitations for people who live, work and visit Sydney to take part in a panel that will help steer the city through the next 30 years of political, environmental and social development.

From households that accept the invitation, 50 people will be randomly selected to join the citizens’ jury, which will address issues submitted by other members of the public (you can submit your ideas here until August 31). They’ll be deliberating on everything from transport and infrastructure challenges to planning for more parks and green spaces, championing cultural initiatives, creating an economy of diverse employment opportunities, and impactful methods for addressing climate change and inequality in our city.

The ideas and solutions they produce will be put into action in the City of Sydney’s plan for 2050. If you receive one of the invitations and would like to be part of this (hopefully) change-making panel, take up the offer by expressing your interest to independent research organisations NewDemocracy, which the City of Sydney is partnering with to organise the jury. Then, attend the first discussion at Sydney Town Hall on August 24. There will be other meetings happening periodically until November, and the public is welcome to join the audience and make sure the future is in good hands.

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