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Past and present Noma chefs
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Seven Noma chefs. One opportunity. Two meals.

If you didn’t get into Noma, you are not alone. In fact you’re in a pretty hefty group of 30,000 other Sydneysiders, which is more than could have got into to Noma in the first place. Win?

Nope, nope.

But now there’s a Noma dinner you can go to. The folks at Master have teamed up with former and current Noma chefs to put on a two meals – a lunch and a dinner ­– all together.

Alongside Master’s head chef, John Javier, who once graced the pass at Noma, in the kitchen we have Noma’s current sous chef Stu Stalker and chef de parties Rasmus Kristensen, Nathaniel French and Viviane Mello. We also have Noma’s former sous chef of four years (and winner of Thailand’s Iron Chef) Tom Halpin as well as ex-Noma chef (and current chef de partie at five star restaurant Silvereye) Tommy Tash. We’re sort of imagining this like the Friends reunion, but way, way less beige.

They’re not letting slip what’s on the menu yet, but they’ve hinted that some Noma classics might be included. And with talent of this calibre in the kitchen, the food is set to be incredible. It’s also really freaking affordable for food of this level - $170 for eight courses plus snacks (plus an extra $90 for matching wine). Noma Australia was $485 plus $195 for matched wine.

It’s set to sell out stupidly fast – there are only 90 seats available for both sittings combined – so we advise getting onto the Master website as soon as bookings open at noon on Friday April 8 to secure a seat. In food terms, this is a once in a lifetime thing – all of these chefs are unlikely to be in the same country, let alone the same city, ever again. Plus you can say you ate at Noma. Sort of.

By: Freya Herring

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