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Portrait shot of two daters Fiona (left) and Sam (right)

Meet the daters: Fiona and Sam

With help from Conscious Dating Co, we sent two single Sydneysiders on a date to Sokyo to see if sparks would fly…

Emma Joyce
Written by
Emma Joyce

Ideal date
Sam: A hike somewhere scenic and an opportunity to sit down and have a chat.
Fiona: Something that’s not planned or staged – ideally something spontaneous. Going to the movies is a crappy idea.

How they matched
Sam: “It was a relaxed speed-dating night where we made gnocchi and mingled over dinner. Kaila (from Conscious Dating Co) kept it light and fun and it provided a few matches.”
Fiona: “You’re not allowed to talk about where you work or live, so conversation is more interesting and gets you straight to the person. It’s fun whether or not you match.”

Cheeky first date
Sam: “We actually met once before at 4am to watch the blood moon lunar eclipse. We had a stroll through Barangaroo and watched the moon before having breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks.”
Fiona: “I’m not at my best at 5am, but I liked that he asked. It was a bold and confident move – and I’m a science nerd, so…” 


First impressions
Sam: “It was difficult in the beginning. She was a little self conscious about being late. We made polite conversation but it didn’t go deeper than that.”
Fiona: “He’s a really nice guy, but we struggled to connect.”

Sam: “None. There wasn’t any.”
Fiona: “He asked if I liked people watching and I realised I’d lost focus, so the chemistry really wasn’t there.”

Awkward moment
Sam: “It was rare for us to make eye contact on the night. It was a bit uncomfortable for me.”
Fiona: “He made a few comments about atheism then asked me about my religion. I’m atheist, so, yep. He also spoke too much about his financial assets, which was a turnoff.” 

Sam: “We went for a walk through Darling Harbour, but she wanted to catch a train home around 9 o’clock.”
Fiona: “We did go for a long walk, but at the end we didn’t even kiss on the cheek so I think the feeling was mutual.”

Third date?
Sam: “No probably not.”
Fiona: “There were things we couldn’t paper over. I haven’t heard from him since, but I’d be happy to meet up as friends.”

The verdict?
Sam: “I was a little disappointed. I’ll keep dating, but this time go with the flow a bit more.”
Fiona: “I think he was very focused on dating, and a bit too serious about it for me. He approached dating with a great deal of concentration and I think it could be more fun with a bit less effort. I wish it wasn’t as pressured.”

The spot
“The service was really good, the staff was friendly and we enjoyed kingfish sashimi and asparagus tempura. It was delightful.”
Fiona: “I love Japanese food and the snapper tempura and octopus salad were amazing. It’s a great venue for a date as it’s busy but you can still hear each other speak. The silences don’t feel as awkward when the food is that good.”

Our daters went to Sokyo
 (80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont 2009). 

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