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A Devils Ivy plant is held up in a store filled with plants and colourful pots.
Photograph: Supplied/PlantGirl

7 low-maintenance indoor plants that you probably won't kill

Felicity Keep from Plant Girl gives us the dirt on the hardiest house plants for hopeless gardeners

Written by
Alannah Maher

Do you suffer from the black thumb? Don't despair. Pour one out for those succulents you over-watered, and that supposedly drought-resistant bloomer that crumbled to dust on your watch. There is still hope for you to have a healthy symbiotic relationship with the house plant of your dreams. Marrickville's own foliage whisperer Felicity Keep, the owner and director of PlantGirl, is here to help. Keep's ethos is all about providing beginner-friendly guidance to empower everyone to experience the joy of plants. Here are her top suggestions for chill, hard-to-kill house plants that shouldn't succumb to even the blackest of thumbs. 

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House plants that *shouldn't* die on you

Sansevieria (aka Snake Plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue)
Photograph: Supplied/PlantGirl

1. Sansevieria (aka Snake Plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue)

This has to be my favourite plant. It’s indestructible! It thrives off neglect – just needs to be watered sparingly and left alone. It has long, wavy foliage so is a great space filler and just so easy.

Epipremnum Aureum (aka Devil’s Ivy)
Photograph: Supplied/PlantGirl

2. Epipremnum Aureum (aka Devil’s Ivy)

Devils Ivy is a super common plant, and for a good reason – it is so hardy and easy to keep alive. It also does well in low-lit areas and office environments. It has beautiful trailing abilities and has a leafy, full look. It's just a satisfying plant to own. Just clip the stems to promote growth and clean the leaves to keep it healthy and looking lush.

Zamioculcas (aka Zanzibar Gem or ZZ Plant)
Photograph: Supplied/PlantGirl

3. Zamioculcas (aka Zanzibar Gem or ZZ Plant)

This is another hardy plant that is very tolerant of low light, which is why people love it. These plants hate to be overwatered, and can get by on very minimal care. Deep green, glossy leaves and zero effort make this guy a very attractive plant choice.

Philodendron Cordatum (aka Heart-Leaf Philodendron)
Photograph: Severin Candrian/Unsplash

4. Philodendron Cordatum (aka Heart-Leaf Philodendron)

I just love this plant. I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention as a super low-maintenance plant. Not only does it have beautiful, big heart-shaped leaves that trail down (or climb up), it is quite tolerant of low light and really doesn’t need much attention. Just keep the leaves clean of dust and dirt to keep the plant happy and healthy.

Chlorophytum Comosum (aka Spider Plant)
Photograph: Supplied/PlantGirl

5. Chlorophytum Comosum (aka Spider Plant)

A relatively easy-care plant that adds a bit of a beachy feel to your space. These are perfect as hanging plants or sitting high up on a shelf, as they shoot out miniature ‘spidettes’ on a stem, which are really eye-catching. They’ve got beautiful green and white striped foliage and tend to be a bit thirsty – they’ll go pale in colour to let you know when they need a drink and bounce back really easily.

Epipremnum Pinnatum (aka Dragon Tail)
Photograph: Supplied/PlantGirl

6. Epipremnum Pinnatum (aka Dragon Tail)

This is a really easy plant. They have incredibly glossy green leaves and grow like a vine. They do require a bit of pruning to maintain a shape, otherwise they may start climbing sideways up your wall! But they are really fast growers and very hardy, making them worth that bit of effort. Cut them back to keep a bushier shape.

Monstera Deliciosa (aka Fruit Salad Plant)
Photograph: Supplied/PlantGirl

7. Monstera Deliciosa (aka Fruit Salad Plant)

The beloved monstera really is an easy plant. They need good, indirect light, and be careful not to overwater them, as they’re prone to root rot. But they are quite forgiving and you can move them around to find the perfect spot if they’re not getting enough light.


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