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Five Australian Distilling Co gin bottles
Photograph: Meaghan Coles

Australian Distilling Co gin brands capture Australia in a bottle

Why not add one of their unique gins to your Christmas stocking?

Time Out in association with Australian Distilling Co

Drinking gin may not be in our nation’s DNA, but we’re catching up fast. Australian Distilling Co is a prize-winning craft distillery that has designed a range of gins that capture the spirit of our country, cities and regions in a bottle. 

Gins named after some of our biggest cities – inspired by owner Michael Hickinbotham’s travels around the continent – convey something of the essence of each place. For instance, Adelaide Gin is a classic dry gin with forward juniper flavours that are offset by Garden City-worthy floral notes of lavender, rose and coriander. Then there is Darwin Craft Gin, imbued with warmth from its botanical and floral palate and a rounded tropical flavour profile with notes of rose, lychee and frangipani. They also have gins for Bondi, Brisbane, Fremantle, Geelong, Gold Coast and Melbourne – an ideal gift for (or from) anyone who hails from these regions.

The company’s flagship Australian Distilling Co Gin, meanwhile, puts an Australian stamp on the London dry gin style, with a juniper forward palate that is offset by coriander, cardamom and nutmeg. Have you heard about Rhapsody Ruby Gin? This one achieves a balance between florals and berries through the infusion of T-Bar Tea's Serendipi-T fruit tea blend with a classic dry gin. 

Finally there’s the Shiraz Gin, made from award-winning gin steeped with premium shiraz grapes. Shiraz Gin has a nose of pepper, spices and blackcurrant with a sweet, complex and full-bodied palate overlayed with hints of raspberry.

Australian Distilling Co brands can be found at boutique hotels, restaurants, pubs and retailers across the country. To find out more about Australian Distilling Co, visit the online store.    

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