10c Wings for National Chicken Wing Day

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10c Wings for National Chicken Wing Day
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Now here's a great reason to leave work on time this Friday

Look, however you might feel about the legitimacy of national days (Nachos Day, Tequila Day, Pancake Day etc), they do provide us with an excellent excuse for tasty snacks, and that's something we're totally on-board with.

This Friday is apparently National Chicken Wing Day and to celebrate Munich Brauhaus and the Bavarian Bier Cafes are committing to an hour of 10c wings from 5pm. Yep, the second tiniest silver coin will buy you either a classic Buffalo wing or an extra hot Diablo number, and both come with blue cheese sauce on the side. 

There is a minimum order, but it's six, so we reckon you should be able to rustle up the 60c necessary to buy some after work bar snacks, and there's no limit so why not make it an early bird special.

You do have to get your order in between 5pm and 6pm, so if you've been storing up a favour from your boss, maybe an early mark is the way to go, and booking a table is never a bad idea. 

By: Emily Lloyd-Tait


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