10c Wings for National Chicken Wing Day

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baskets of wings on a wooden table
Photograph: supplied

Forget the Sunday roast and gorge on wings instead

Look, however you might feel about the legitimacy of national days (Nachos Day, Tequila Day, Pancake Day etc), they do provide us with an excellent excuse for tasty snacks, and that's something we're totally on-board with.

Sunday July 29 is apparently National Chicken Wing Day and to celebrate Munich Brauhaus and the Bavarian venues across Sydney are committing to a full day serving 10c Buffalo wings. Yep, the second tiniest silver coin will buy you a snack, and for not much more than pocket change you can eat like a king. 

If you really back yourself, there is also a hot wing eating competition being run at all venues from 3pm. It's $20 to enter and the winner is the person who can keep eating a ghost pepper wing with every passing minute. Fair warning: that sauce is packing the firepower of cayenne, habanero and ghost pepper chillis. Can you handle the heat?


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