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Bushfire crisis pic
Photograph: Creative Commons

Bushfire relief fundraising events in Sydney

You can do your part for the bushfire relief efforts by attending one of these charity fundraisers

Maxim Boon
Written by
Maxim Boon

Australia is burning. A bushfire disaster on a scale never before witnessed has unfolded in recent months, and as the hottest weeks of the year roll on, the devastation caused by uncontrolled blazes is predicted to continue, threatening thousands of Australians across NSW and beyond.

And yet, even in the shadow of such terror and tragedy, Australia's spirit has not been broken. People across the country and around the world have rallied, and millions of dollars have been donated so far in an incredible outpouring of compassion and generosity. However, millions more are still needed to assist in the rebuilding and rehabilitation of so many decimated communities throughout NSW, as well as Australia's other states and territories. 

Across Sydney, events are now being staged to raise these much-needed funds for bushfire relief. You can play your part by simply attending one of these charity concerts, performances or exhibitions, which are donating their proceeds to excellent bushfire relief organisations.

You can also help the bushfire relief efforts by donating to the Red Cross and WIRES.

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Sydney can be a cold beast, but it can also be a big-hearted fluffy one. Running parallel to the clichés of suits and yachts are the pockets of the city where you can give some of your valuable time to those who need it most. Siphoning some of our spare moments into volunteering can be daunting, so we had a look at few of the places keeping benevolence floating in our city at the moment and how you could get involved.

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